McFamily Moments

Excellent people providing excellent service. At Johnson Entities we want to recognize a few outstanding individuals. They not only work hard in our restaurants but are leaders in their local communities as well.

Teri Winker

Teri is the guest Ambassador at the Belleview location in Denver, Colorado. She is an avid fan of the Star Wars trilogy especially of Ben Solo and Poe Dameron. She believes in giving her time to her son, traveling, and church. Life is full of great experiences and she thrives on giving all her best, especially to the customers who visit each and every day. Her favorite life quote to follow comes from Star Wars, "let the past die", and always keep moving FORWARD!

Donald Evans III

Donald “Big D” Evans started his McDonalds journey as my first hire when team Johnson took over the restaurant on June 1st, 2016. He worked the lobby that entire summer. As the summer ended, he moved to the kitchen and quickly became the top kitchen person, displaying a great knowledge of procedures and food safety. He has a passion for bowling as he was a member of the Ogallala HS team and went on to bowl in college. He is also a die-hard KC Chiefs fans.

Steven Cathcart

Steven has been with McDonald’s for 6 months. He has been a loyal customer for over 25 years. He is a Hall of Fame runner for the state of Colorado. He is also the founder of the Colorado Marathon and the Co-founder of the middle school cross country program. His favorite meal is a Big Mac and fries. He is happy to be part of our McFamily!

Andrew Hernandez

Andrew has been with the company since Joe came to Colorado. He was a crew member and moved his way up to a crew trainer and then to floor manager. This young man is a role model to other teenagers as he works part-time at our Iliff location, goes to school and play sports. He was one of our first managers that took advantage of our archways scholarship program and since he has been the archways ambassador for new employees coming into the company.

Andrea Miller

Andrea is an employee at our location Quincy, in Aurora, Colorado. She is a proud Grandmother of a 3-year-old son. In her spare time, Andrea goes and reads books to the children at Aurora Public Library. Andrea also enjoys singing and dancing.

Roger Gifford

Roger Gifford started at the Gering store in 2007. His 80th birthday was in August of last year and he continues to come to work each day (100% Attendance and 100% on time) and provides a great experience for all his friends as our Lobby Ambassador. In his spare time, Roger volunteers as a Crossing Guard at the Elementary School in Gering. Roger is a loyal member of our daily morning Coffee Club and is at McDonald’s every day either as one of our Customers or as one of us.